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9 Ways to Create a Slower Life...

5th November 2019

Slow Living:

  • The habit of embracing the seasons, finding enjoyment, warmth and gratitude in life’s simple pleasures

  • Trying to have the smallest impact on the earth within our everyday lives

  • Finding comfort in being present, making time for the people and small moments happening around us.

  • Supporting local, small and in season.


Slow means something different to everyone, the whole world today seems to be in competition with each on other on how busy they are, we fall into this trap too… running Vincent Trading means we are busy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find time to slow down.

Today we are focusing on how you can create some slowness in your life, no matter what your definition of busy looks like. Use #CreatingASlowerLife on Instagram to show us how you’re adding some slow this week.

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Stop for a moment...

This is super easy, find a park, use your garden, stop somewhere on your journey to work and breath… feel the warmth of the sun on your skin or the crisp air on your face, breath in the atmosphere, use your senses and smell the air, smell the seasons changing. Listen to what is around you, what can you hear, leaves rustling, birds chirping… close your eyes and be thankful for each of those basic sense you have the ability to use. Feel connected with the earth, this works even better if you can actually be touching the earth, also known as grounding, we can tell you so much more about this another time… for now, feel connected via any of your senses and just stop.

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Go for a walk...


Some days you might be able to sneak in a walk, we walk the dog each day, she’s only little so we don’t need to go far, I like to watch the environment around me changing, noticing the flora and fauna change throughout the seasons. The fresh air and exercise helps clear the mind, its amazing how much better you can feel, even just after walking for 10-15 minutes.


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Have friends over...


This is something Mike and I aren’t that great at, so don’t allow it to make you feel pressured to maintain close friendships or even have friends, especially with people who drain you... We think of life in three sections, family, friends and work, most people can manage two of these pretty well, some people only one, but very rarely can you manage all three, for us, friends had to be the one to let go of… anyway, if you’re not like us and you do have friends, get them over, chat about life, have dinner, drink wine, play scrabble, anything that makes you feel good about life! 


About Us


Emma & Mike, husband & wife, homebodys, although not ones to shy away from adventure, we created Vincent Trading with a passion for traditional methods, beauty in imperfection and our planet. 

We live by the sea in South Devon and find ourselves listening to the waves after long days creating, we love nothing more than a cosy night by a fire with our little Cyprus rescue dog Lola. 


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Thorning Street, Salcombe

Thorning Street, Salcombe


Create a morning routine...


This is one of my favourites, I absolutely love spending a little extra time on a morning with a routine. Make your routine to fit your life, if this means it lasts all of about 4 minutes that that’s fine, but if you can make it last 30-45 minutes, this is when you’ll get the most benefit from it. We will be sharing our morning routine soon, keep an eye on the blog.



Create an evening routine...

Another one I absolutely love doing, but I’m not great at, set yourself a bedtime or evening routine which doesn’t involve your phone, TV’s, laptop etc. as most technologies are pretty bad for us before bedtime, stopping our brains switching off properly and disrupting our sleep, evening though we don’t realise it’s happening.



Stop telling yourself you must be busy...

We all go through each day with long lists, telling ourselves we must get to the end of the list to be passing the adulting test, but we don’t have to be busy every single day, allow yourself one day a month, a week or even just an hour a week where you allow yourself to have nothing to do. I have to admit that I have to actually schedule this time in to make it happen, sometimes I even write ‘do nothing’ on my to do list…



Cook dinner...


Good homecooked food makes us all feel better, from super easy 5-minute meals to elaborate dinners, do whatever your capable of doing, and don’t stretch yourself too far… make it enjoyable with a little music and a glass of something cold. Mike is an incredible home-chef, we plan to share some great recipes for in season food over the next 12 months so watch this space!

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Switch off your phone...


Oh how ironic that your probably reading this on your phone, I am absolutely awful at this one, but if you can, switch if off completely, do something else, paint, read, draw, walk, anything that doesn’t mean your going to pick up your phone! Sometimes, as a compromise, because nobody is perfect, I just pop it on do not disturb mode and play a game, such as Peak brain training or Sudoku, this completely switches my brain off from the outside world and allows it to just exercise itself a little…  



Be creative...


Our final slowing down step today is to be creative… I’d absolutely love to know what your favourite creative thing to do is? Let us know in the comments as this looks completely different to every single person! Next time your doing something creative tag us in your Instagram story and use #creatingaslowerlife so we can share with everyone!