A  slow November day in Bath

13th December 2017

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Emma & Mike, husband & wife, homebodys, although not ones to shy away from adventure, we created Vincent Trading with a passion for traditional methods, beauty in imperfection and our planet. 

We live by the sea in South Devon and find ourselves listening to the waves after long days creating, we love nothing more than a cosy night by a fire with our little Cyprus rescue dog Lola. 


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Bath is one of my very favourite cities, I lived here for almost three years while I studied for my degree. I used to know all the best places to go but now I fell a little like a tourist, and I can't say I don't love it just as much, just a little differently. We decided to go up to Gloucestershire for a week in November once wedding season had ended and everything had calmed down a little here and on the farm, it seemed sensible to tie this in with a little annual trip to see the uni girls, we only seem to meet once a year now, or at weddings! It's my very favourite when we choose to meet in Bath, it's like the group is back together again, with slightly less alcohol... I'd love to say and more money but I certainly haven't reached that point in my life yet!


I hopped on the early train from Kemble station to try and beat the crowds 



And set off wandering around the town to my favourite old spots before everyone else arrived



First stop was Parade Gardens...


Those autumnal colours...


Then headed off in the direction of Pultney Bridge 


I spent a small amount of time wondering around the market hall



Finding cute little Christmassy shopping arcades 



The city centre was quiet and calm, preparing for a busy day ahead



The Christmas tree looked super pretty, there were a few people taking photos before they had to share the space with lots of other doing the same thing



Finding beautiful Christmas windows is my favourite



Once everyone had arrived we headed over to Bills for coffee and scrummy pancakes, covered in fresh fruit and dripping in maple syrup!



I know it's a pretty big chain now, and I am not normally a fan of anything chain based, but you just cannot beat a Bill's breakfast, it has something for everyone and the food is spot on. It's the perfect set up for a day of shopping and adventure! The service was brilliant and the pancakes cooked to perfection, the fruit is all fresh and there is just the perfect amount of maple syrup, finished with a dusting of icing sugar.


Tummys full and a coffeed up we headed out to face the crowds, being a country girl nowadays it does take a little getting used to!



I found more Christmas windows, tried to avoid people, dashed in and out of shops, got lost in Primark and finally ended up needing a sit down. It did, however, then take us 5 full cafe's before we finally found refuge in one I just wouldn't recommend...



The crowds were getting a little too much and we all had plans and long journeys home so we decided to call it a day


Whats your favourite thing to do in Bath? I don't think it will be too long until we are up there again... where should I go?