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Beating Blue Monday

21st January 2019

This post first appeared this time last year on my blog, you can find the link to it here, however, I am popping it all here again for you!

Today is Blue Monday, it's supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. You might have given up your New Year's resolutions, have a longing for summer or perhaps to be back in the Christmas Spirit? There are a whole host of reasons you might be sad during January but I have a few ideas to keep your spirits up...


Firstly, let's talk about SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, an actual thing that makes people unhappy during the winter months. I was affected by this for years, I'm talking probably since I was in my early teens. One thing changed this for me, a vow to ensure I had the natural light on my face for at least 10 minutes per day, even on miserable wet days, I look in the direction of the sun, with my eyes closed for as long as the day will allow.


The other reason I no longer suffer is because I bought this wake-up lamp, expensive yes, and there are cheaper versions available out there but it has honestly changed the way I get up on a morning. It adds the correct colour light to your brain to trick it into thinking its the sunshine!


There are a few other ways we can stay happy during winter...​




We really have done the whole Hygge thing to death but there's a reason for it, we can't stay cosy all the time, so why not embrace it this time of year? Soon we will be too hot to sleep and stinging from the sunburn... Create cosy corners, bring in a little greenery, light a candle, find a good book and snuggle up.

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Emma & Mike, husband & wife, homebodys, although not ones to shy away from adventure, we created Vincent Trading with a passion for traditional methods, beauty in imperfection and our planet. 

We live by the sea in South Devon and find ourselves listening to the waves after long days creating, we love nothing more than a cosy night by a fire with our little Cyprus rescue dog Lola. 

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Get Outside


As an opposite to the above, you need to try and get outside whenever possible, enjoy a little winter sunshine and get some fresh air in your lungs. Exercise is the best way to feel better, it doesn't have to be anything too strenuous, just a walk in a park or along a beach will be fine. Get children to spot wildlife or take a camera out and see what you can do, your phone will do, just see what you can capture.

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Enjoy the darkness


This time of year is perfect for seeing the sunrise, sunset and beautiful night skys when its accessible to everyone! You don't need to be awake at 2am to see the stars, or at 4am to see the sunrise! Get yourself a telescope and learn about what you can see, get an app which shows you whats out there. Light pollution? Get yourself into the countryside somewhere and see the difference!

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Make time for your hobby


Do whatever makes you happy and do it for you, don't do it because I'm telling you too, do it because you want to re-ignite that love!

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Eat good Food


Get colour into your diet, challenge yourself to make the most colourfull meal. Eat lighter but filling meals like chicken salads (watch this space for recipe) or paella. But allow yourself the good stuff too, live by 80/20 and don't be so hard on yourself if it doesn't quite go to plan.

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Finally, but I think, most importantly:

Spend time with those you love


With Christmas finished and not much happening this time of year its often the best time to get some real quality time in with the people and/or animals you love. I have been spending an extra 5 minutes in bed snuggling with Lola and Mike, dragging my family out walking, cooking fab meals with them and ensuring we really get to spend some time together before the chaos of summer starts.

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Do you have any extra tips? Comment below so we can all share the January Love together!