Easy Eco Swaps

There is so much information about how we all need to making changes to help the planet, but doesn’t it all feel a little overwhelming? We have been living our lives this way for a long time now, its hard to just make a load of changes overnight and expect us to stick to them all at once, right? Also, unless something is being advertised to me on Instagram, where do I find these eco companies?


This is where we had the idea of swapping one thing per month, letting us get used to this swap before taking the plunge to swapping something else. Before you know it its 2021 and you’ve made 12 swaps, 12 steps towards helping the planet.


We are teaming up with 12 companies to bring you the perfect solution to a swap each month, wherever possible we are supporting small businesses who are making a difference towards our planet, and we want you to support them too. Each company has gifted us a product to review, at the end of each month we will also run a competition over on Instagram to win their product.


But what type of swaps are included? They are what we call everyday swaps, they are small things we buy or use in our everyday life that is having a negative impact on the planet, even if we recycle the item we are using, its not the complete solution, with the amount of energy used to recycle a product, there is still a impact on the planet, plus, lots of the recycling plants across the country have too much too recycle, meaning anything that isn’t in the perfect condition to actually recycle, isn’t actually getting recycled…


There is absolutely no pressure to be perfect here, we are not aiming for a utopia where we don’t ever purchase or use something either cannot be recycled or is single use, we are aiming for most of the time, right now, if everyone just makes an effort to not use something that is single use most of the time, together, all these small changes can have a huge impact on the planet.


We encourage everyone to not look outwards here, look inwards, don’t worry about what other people are doing, don’t think, nobody else is trying to why should I, because perhaps, if they saw you trying, they might think, other people are trying and make the swap themselves… Do it because you care for the planet, not because someone else doesn’t.


We have the first 6 months sorted, but we still have space for the following 6 months, so please get in touch if you think you have the perfect solution or want to recommend a company you’ve used to make an eco-swap.

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