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Do you keep your core values at the heart of your business?

6th March 2020


Our core values are so important to us, its something Mike and I have spent the last few months defining, they can be fluid over your lifetime but I think most people will find they don't change too much...I asked Liz Reddish from Devon Well House to use her experience to talk to us about setting these core values for to help guide you in your small business journey. My advice is to get your favourite pen and notepad out, get yourself a cup of tea and dive into Liz's advice...

Many of us have a general sense of who we are and what we stand for, but often when challenged, we can feel pressured or tempted to stray away from them; particularly in a world hugely influenced by social media and advertising.


When I was approached to write this article, Emma was very clear in her brief what their key values are:


•   Slow or intentional living even for busy people

•   rewilding

•   planet friendly

•   being kind to yourself


It made me think about my mentoring training and how important these core/key values are in making big decisions and keeping us on track in relation to the direction we are going in. But what if you've got absolutely no idea what your core values are? Here is a useful exercise that will support you to gain clarity:


Firstly list about six professional values that you have:

•   think about why you do what you do

•   what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning and do this work

•   what attracted you to doing it originally



Now list these values in order of priority (1 being the most important to you).

Finally think carefully about these professional values and tick those that you would still do if you were not being paid to do them (life values).

This simple exercise really helps to clarify who we are and where our passion lies. Having it written in black and white provides a clear and objective checklist to refer to in times of decision making or confusion. If it doesn’t ‘sit’ with your core values, it is unlikely to support your journey forward.


This clear message will also attract those with the same or similar values and your customer base (in business) or friendship group (in life) will support your growth and development.

I really hope you have enjoyed reading today's post, I have my list of core values up on a vision board in my office so I always have it in my mind when deciding what to work on and whats the right move for, not only the business, but also us as a family...


Liz has suggested some further reading on core values, head over to the brilliant article to find out more: https://beetruet.com/why-and-how-how-to-identify-core-values/

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