Simple, Cosy & Calm Bedroom Space

Simple, Cosy & Calm Bedroom Space

Creating a calm and cosy bedroom was top of my agenda when we moved in, it has taken some time to get to where it is today, we've added bamboo blinds and still do plan to change these bedside tables when we get a chance. Although we don't yet have wardrobes doors this little area of the house is absolutely one of my favourites.

Here I spend my time on a morning journaling and mediating, it gets filled with morning sunlight right through the year which is just glorious to wake up to. The bamboo blinds let all the light in yet give us the privacy we need in case there is someone in the field outside the window. The white IKEA curtains, [which were actually originally pink, I made a mistake choosing that colour so they sat in bleach for 3 days in the bath and now they are just perfect] allow the light to be diffused into the room on a morning gently waking us up at dawn.

I added layers of texture with this handmade wall hanging, beautiful cushions [gifted] and this soft linen Zara bedding. A frame just under the light adds a design detail which elevates the room from just a bedroom to a place that makes you feel like there is an element of thought, the fresh eucalyptus in a glass jar brings the calm a bedroom needs. This is Mike’s side of the bed and you will always find a mug of something walm here, a coffee on a morning and a tea before bed, I’ve used a tile sample as a coaster!

By night the warm glow of this bedside sconce invites us back in ready to drift off to sleep…

Let me know how you like to create that cosy calm feeling in your bedroom in the comments below,

Until next time... Emma xx

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Simple, Cosy & Calm Bedroom Space

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