7 Digital Detox Tips

7 Digital Detox Tips

Tomorrow is Digital Detox Day, for someone who works, and plays, on social media, it really can take up a huge portion of my day. I think its super important to take a break, a step away and learn your own limits. For example, I know myself well enough to say ‘enough is enough’ and thrown my phone in a draw, I know when I am taking inspiration from an account or comparing an account, I know when I’m being drawn in, using it as an avoidance technique, or simple spending too much time on other people. I follow these steps below in everyday life, each and every one has made an enormous difference to how I consume, or don’t consume when I choose to.

Mute & Unfollow

This is a game changer, once you get into a mindset of unfollowing when something makes you feel bad about yourself in a way which doesn’t help develop your inner self worth then mute or unfollow. I am not talking about accounts which call out your bad behaviour here, but perhaps there is an account which awakens your need to shop, makes you feel bad about the way you look, makes you envious or brings about your imposter syndrome. Go to their profile, select the downwards arrow on the following button and mute…

Set Daily Limits

This works really well for me, although sometimes it does annoy me, I just hit the ignore for today button. I set certain apps with a time limit per day, some days I set it at 1 hour, some days I set it to 5 minutes. You then get the choice to allow yourself another minute or another 15 minutes, it really helps with the endless scrolling, finding yourself an hour later lost in reels…

F the Numbers

I actually cannot wait until the UK gets the like count removed, its so triggering for me, I am constantly comparing how many like other people get compared to me, feeling like my creativity isn’t as good as theirs, but it’s absolute bull, you cannot compare anyone or anything as each journey is so unique. Don’t let the numbers stop you from pursuing your dream.

Take a Break

I love the idea of #digitaldetoxday, tomorrow we’re taking the full day of our phones, I will literally be only using it to connect to my camera to take photos, maybe listen to some podcasts if its quiet at work. I think we should all be scheduling time per week, or a dedicated day every few weeks. I actually really enjoyed my week off at the start of July, I’ll be doing another one in October, so every 3 months I take a full week off the gram.

Go Old School

This might seem extreme for some people but going back pre smart phones can be a game changer, getting a old, non-social-media-ready burner-style phone for actually, you know, making phone calls and keeping in touch with people can mean you’re not sucked into your phone when you just want to text someone. Maybe reactivate that landline?

Switch off Those Notifications

I swear, I only have notifications for calls and messages now, everything else has gone, and then some days I divert people who aren’t in my contact to voicemail. If you’re not ready to take a full leap into switching everything off (its also game changing to switch the news notifications off) use the Do Not Disturb function on your phone and get your head out of the game for a few hours. I also like to use aeroplane mode on a night-time, knowing there are other ways for people to contact us if there was an emergency (hello again burner phone.)

Schedule Other Activities

If I’m out walking, on the beach, painting, baking, reading, watching movies, or a whole other heap of activities, I can pretty much guarantee I’m not on my phone. Although I do have this annoying habit of not taking a bag (I hate bags, I hate clutter), which means I actually do have my phone in my hand a large amount of time. Sometimes, I actually leave it at home, I know shocking!

Overall, just be aware, only you know how much is too much for you, some people don’t like to use it late at night, playing a numbers game actually helps me fall asleep, some don’t like to use it first thing on a morning, for me, I would sleep much later if I didn’t. Set your own limits, screw what everyone else does and live you own life to the fullest. Let’s have some time off, ditch the guilt and rewild yourself as much as possible.

Most importantly remember, everything is a choice, make the right choice for you and your mental health.

Emma xx

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7 Digital Detox Tips

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