Let's use less water...

Let's use less water...

Today we are launching Do Good Mondays', each Monday we will highlight something we want you to be aware of, it will always arrive on a Monday so if you’re not in the headspace to be able to deal with a world problem, you can decided not to read, although we’d always encourage you to.

Today we talking about water. Water covers a huge 70% of our planet, yet, only 3% of this water is freshwater, this is the water we use in our everyday life, drink, wash, water our plants with. On top of this a huge two thirds of that water is locked away in glaciers or otherwise unavailable, this takes us to just 1% of the earths water to cater for the 7.8 billion people on the planet, without even taking into consideration all the animals, plants and rivers!

In our current world there is a huge imbalance the the spread of this 1%, according to @worldwildlife some 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water, 2.7 billion people find water scarce and 2.4 billion people done have access to clean water. They estimate by 2025, 5 years away, two thirds of the population will face water shortages, all because of our current consumption rates.

Here are 10 water saving tips we can all start doing straight away:

1. Wash vegetables in a bowl of water in the sink, then use this water to water your plants.

2. Collect rain water and use this to water your garden, it’s actually better for your plants than the chlorinated water from taps.

3. Have a jug of cold water in the fridge, so you don’t need to run the tap for a few minutes to get cold.

4. Don’t wash clothes so often, sponge off small marks and only wash when they need it. Wait until you’ve got a full load before putting the washing machine on, use an eco setting.

5. Use an eco setting on your dishwasher and skip the pre-rinse, only set it going once it’s full.

6. The age old ideas such as adding a water saving device on your toilet, turning the shower off while you shampoo your hair or wash your body, not letting the tap run while you brush your teeth.

7. Eat local, in season food, crops like avocados use up more water then the local area can cope with, especially as we are trying to get crops to produce all year round.

8. Reduce food waste, every thing we eat and throw away takes water to produce, from the packaging to the food, for 1/3 of it to end up in the bin... try composting waste and adding it back to your garden.

9. Stop buying bottled water, it takes around 8.5 litres of water to make a 1 litre bottle of water. Just take that in for a moment.

10. Buy less. Every single thing requires water, look at using second hand items, look at redecorating less, each tin of paint, new blanket, dead plant, dog toy, rug, bowl, book, phone... everything requires water to make. Even just reducing your consumption of ‘new stuff’ down by 10%, reduces your water.

Let us know any more ideas in the comments...

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