Why everyone should have switched to a reusable water bottle

Why everyone should have switched to a reusable water bottle

Do you still purchase water bottles when you’re out and about? I honestly think its one of the worst things you could be doing, simply because its so easy to purchase a reusable water bottle, if you can afford to buy water in bottles from the shop, you can afford to buy a reusable bottle, here’s why:

[I obviously understand there might be circumstances where it’s not possible for everyone, but for the majority of people reading this, if you’re managing to have access to internet to read it, you can have access to buy a bottle.]

1. Every year, billions, yes billions of water bottles end up in the trash, I used to buy 6 x 2 litre bottle of water every week, alongside countless on-the-go bottles of water as I travelled or was at work, now I probably purchase one or two a year in desperate circumstances. Think about how many water bottles I’ve saved since swapping to a reusable bottle, and the cost!

2. Each plastic bottle stays in the environment forever… yes forever, even when it does breakdown, it becomes a microplastic, sitting somewhere unknown in the environment, from food, to fish, to the water we are drinking…

3. Each bottle required more water than is in the bottle to actually make the bottle…

4. UK recycling plants are at max capacity, meaning, even if you are one of the good people who do recycle, there is no guarantee it is actually getting recycled in the end.

5. There a huge amount of transportation required for bottled water, from where it is pumped out of the ground, to the bottling factories, to warehouses, to supermarkets or shops.

6. Sometimes it’s hard to think about the source of the water we purchased, if we are taking it out of the ground at the rate we are and pumping it into bottles, this will be having an impact on the water source somewhere else in the original intended path of this water.

7. Sometimes plastic water bottles leach chemicals into the water we are drinking depending on how warm the bottle gets or other environmental factors.

8. Plastic water bottles are made from fossil fuels, using around 17 million barrels of oil a year, we all know the environmental impact drilling for oil can have right?

Let us know in the comments if you have any more reasons for people to swap to a reusable bottle.

Here is a round-up of our favourite water bottles on the market, to suit a range of budgets, we even have a pretty impressive water filtering one! Select any image to get the link.

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