New Moon Guide

23rd April 2020


The new moon is a symbol of new beginnings,
it’s a time where you are given a blank piece of paper,
on which to write, draw or create the life you want.

Can you spot the newly emerging moon in this image? It's one of my favourite things to spot on clear dark nights, it's also so much easier to spot stars on nights when the moon is dark. Today I am bringing you a guide to new moon manifestation, perhaps this is something you already do and are just looking to make the process a little more uniform, perhaps it's something you'd never even though of before...whatever your experience, I hope this ritual brings you some joy.

Tonight is a new moon, two weeks ago I shared my ritual for a full moon on Instagram [I'll share it again here in a couple of weeks], however, the full moon cycle is technically the second part to the story, tonight, to celebrate the start of another moon cycle, I am sharing the first part of my moon cycle ritual.

The new moon is a symbol of new beginnings, it’s a time where you are given a blank piece of paper, on which to write, draw or create the life you want. As this is about how you want your life to look, this should serve as a guide for you to create your own version of your new moon ritual. Even if you don’t actually believe in using the moon for this process, its still a really good way to set your own intentions and thoughts for the month and year ahead, using the full moon guide as a way to come back and be thankful for how much you have managed to achieve.

Stage One: Finding Space

This ritual doesn’t need to be completed at night, I like to look at where the moon is in the sky tonight and compete it when I can see where it should be in the sky, however, the moons energy is here all day, so just go with whatever works for you. The most important part of the process if to be vibrating on high energy, this doesn’t mean you’re ready to throw a party or run a marathon, it’s about being in a positive calm space in your mind. Don’t do this if you’re being distracted, squashing it between two zoom calls or while you’re home-schooling maths…

Stage Two: Affirmations

I’d highly recommend have a specific moon journal, one which you can tear page out f easily for the full moon part of the process, keep everything in here so you can show the universe how you’re working towards your goals and dreams, without being crowded with other noise. Start each cycle writing down an affirmation, something that is really personal to you, an example could be ‘I am creative, I am strong, I am determined and I will achieve everything I want in my life’ or ‘I am happy, I am grateful, I am content with my life and I want to keep it this way.’ These don’t have to be big lofty dreams; they can just be about being happy with that you have.

Stage Three: Visualisation

Now its time to meditate, I have a couple of visualisation meditations available on IGTV if you’re looking for some inspiration here and next month I’ll release a full & new moon version. Otherwise just start by taking some big deep breaths, find a comfortable place and begin… Start by thinking about why you want to visualise your future, what’s the motivation, is there something you’re not happy with or do you want to keep everything on the right path. Then move on to what you want to change or the next step on the road, this should be a quick thought process which leads you back to the why, for example; you start with the thought that you feel too overwhelmed and spend all your time working, the thing you want to change is bring flexibility to your working hours, you then quickly move on to visualising what you would do with the extra time, this is where the magic lies.

Stage Four: Intentions

Here is the final stage in the process, this is where you come back to your journal, you should still have it close by from when you started, start by writing out what you would like a typical day to look like in six months’ time, this actually links to the full moon in 6 months but we can talk more about this another time. This can be anything for example; you want to start the morning with a little yoga, followed by a little time meditating, you want to be working on x project for 6 hours of the day before spending the evening with your family. You can get super specific like; I want to have x amount saved in my bank account and x number of clients. Make sure it is written in the present rather than ‘I would like to have’ it should be ‘I have’.

Stage Five: Release

Now you have written everything down you can realise it all into the universe by simply opening up a conversation, I often start with ‘universe, I am thankful and I am grateful for everything you have helped me with so far, I have set my intentions and ask for your help and guidance in creating this reality.’ Make sure you are always ready to receive, trust the process and do not allow yourself to be taken down a negative path when something doesn’t quite go to plan, you have no idea what the next door may lead to…

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