A guide to getting the perfect grid on Instagram with me, Emma Vincent...


Instagram, for me, has been the key to unlocking the potential of my business, over the last three years I have used a trial and error method, alongside online courses, to perfect my Instagram strategy. I am a self-taught photographer and business owner who is using Instagram to earn an income every month.


This guide is an overview to the method that is working for me… there are hundreds of ideas on the best way to get Instagram to work, some which are super spammy and some which are a little too corporate for me, I have forged a path through Instagram which allows me to be creative, even when I don’t feel very creative, engage with me following and more importantly, grow a loyal group of followers which is growing daily.


This is a learn at your own pace guide, if you want to do all the tasks in one day, go ahead! If you want to spend the next few weeks working on each section, again go ahead!


Is this guide right for you?

Do you have or want an Instagram account? Yes? Then this guide is right for you, if you want to refine your style, define your style, learn the basics around Instagram, use Instagram for a business, a home account, a photography account, or anything else, this guide is right for you.


I want to learn more? Watch this space for new courses or drop me a message for 1-2-1 training.

Getting the Perfect Grid