↟ Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction, a three-card reading can help show you direction.

↟ Perhaps you've got a decision coming up and need some universal thoughts.

↟ Perhaps you have a specific question you'd like some guidance on.

↟ Perhaps you're looking for a past, present & future reading.


Our three-card reading has so many benefits, I personally do a three card reading for myself each week, just as a simple way to keep me on track.


How it works:


↟ Purchase this single card reading

↟ Initially you will receive a download with a printable poster and a card reading journal page

↟ Emma will drop you an email within 48 hours asking if you have a question for the reading

↟ Emma will ask spirit and the universe to deliver you a card from their chosen deck

↟ Emma will look at the meaning of that specific card as well as any messages she receives from spirit and send you an email with an image of the card and the reading.


For our single card reading please visit: www.vincentliving.com/single-card-reading


For our in-depth zoom reading including discussion and questions please visit: 

Three-Card Reading