Emma & Mike head up the project management team, Mike focuses on the site aspect, he can regularly be found meeting trades and making sure everything is being kept tidy and completed to the design spec created by ourselves or the interior designers on the project. 

Emma runs the admin side of the projects, making sure everyone, including Mike, has all the information they need. Her time spent in IT implementation, process management & HR means she really can take anything that's thrown at her! Solution-focused thinking ensures inevitable project bumps are quickly and efficiently dealt with, communicating to all who need to be aware to find the best outcome for all. 

We work on projects in the South Devon area, mainly focusing on holiday & 2nd homes where the owner are not there to keep an eye on everyday happenings. Charges as a % of the final budget, we can work on single rooms to complete rebuilds. 

Our connection to a number of highly-recommended trades in the area means we can help right from the moment you decide you want to make a change in your property. 

Get in touch with Emma today on for more information.