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Pumpkin Table Styling

30th October 2018

Pumpkins are everywhere this year, I mean, they are normally pretty popular at Halloween but everyone is out at pumpkin patches picking their own and supporting local business plus choosing the different varieties and the misshaped ones!

I wanted to show you how I'd style a table using a few different sizes, this is a new feature to the blog, I have quite a few more styled ideas up my sleeve for the next couple of months. Whether its a family gathering, just a regular tea time or an autumnal party, its super simple to just add a few of these cuties to make the table look extra inviting! I added a couple of candles, all the gold tones and, of course, a couple of our boards for serving the big platters on so everyone can help themselves.

This is a custom table Mike made for me... right now its got hairpin legs on but I'm not sure these will be staying much longer! These tables start at around £400, get in contact if you'd be looking for one in your house, we can do a variety of different finishes and sizes, this one is in dark brown and has had a ton of grain brought out, I wanted the boards to be pushed right up together but we can also leave a little gap if that's your thing!

Pumpkin Table Styling-1001.jpg
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Pumpkin Table Styling-1002.jpg

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