Spring Equinox Celebrations

18th March 2020


The spring equinox marks the moment the nights are as long as the days, the midpoint between winter and summer, right in the middle of spring, this year this falls on 20th March 2020. It symbolises the moment where the light begins to defeat the dark and the moment the sunrise and sunset are due east and west. In some countries and past calendars this marked the start of the year, as all our energy is ready to face outwards again and the earth beings to show us what its been working on over winter.


We celebrate with a family meal, although this year it might not be as attended as we’d like, we will instead use this time to celebrate with family we can be with and a reminder to check in on those, maybe through facetime, with those we cannot be with right now. We create a spring table full of flowers from the garden, take a look at the video below showing you this year’s table.


We also use this time to reflect on the goals we have set over the winter and early spring months, making sure we are all in order and ready to use our increased level of energy as we look outwards. Again, this may be a little more difficult this year, but I urge you to try to use this time to rewild in nature, getting everyone outside in the fresh air while keeping our distance from others. Alongside looking over those goals you have set yourself where self isolation may give you the perfect opportunity to work on these goals. However, it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves and make sure we are doing right, not only for those around us but also for ourselves.


Perhaps this spring equinox will be a good moment to look at how much our lives are determined and reliant on outside sources, we will be looking at how we are having to make changes to be self sufficient or more reliant on the local community, alongside finding joy in simple things like our spring wardrobe emerging, watching the birds in the garden or writing a letter to a friend.


I’d love to know if you celebrate the equinox and what your plans are for Friday? We will be sharing our day on Instagram stories so be sure to head over and take a look.

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