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Turning 28

23rd December 2017


A month today, on 23rd November I turned 28... 

We moved down to Devon in 2016, partly because it has been on the horizon since Mum moved down in 2010, I was in my second year at Bath Spa University at the time and chose to stay in Gloucestershire with Mike once I finished.​

There were two other parts to choosing to move, one was my work, I had quickly (in my opinion anyway) climbed the corporate ladder and I was so sick of working in an office every day. I had been given an opportunity to work on employee engagement alongside HR, something I had always wanted to do... but I was just. so. over. it.

Lola is the third part, she's a rescue who came to live with us in July 2016, she was only a few months old and we had adopted her from Wild at Heart Foundation... she came from Cyprus and, as with most rescues, had a little baggage. She's scared of EVERYTHING, she's always shaking and getting nervous in new situations and is petrified everything is going to hit her. She has the worst separation anxiety and cannot even deal with one of us leaving a table in a pub. I just couldn't keep leaving her every day at home, knowing how much she was crying and knowing how much I just didn't want to be there anyway.


Mum had a spare room, and I very quickly picked a part-time job up in Salcombe... to say I haven't looked back is an understatement. I have worked harder than I ever did employed since that point. At one point I took a full-time job so Mike could move down, and left again pretty quick. Mike didn't end up moving until June 2017 when a well-timed job opportunity arose for him here. 

Turning 28 has been a reflective moment for me, I am married and living at home with my parents, yes we are building a tiny house, but thats what is is... a tiny house! Most people on my Facebook feed have conventional lives, children, nice houses, savings... I don't pretend to have any of this... but I am happy, happy to be able to see the sea every day, happy Lola has a friend to play with every day, happy Mike lives down with us now, happy to be able to take photos every day and some days not to even have to get dressed if I don't want to.


Life is about finding your balance, finding your happy place... we will all be on that journey forever... your happy place today might not be your happy place in 5 years time. 


I try to live by this motto: go for it. no matter how it ends, it was an experience. And that's what I am doing!

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