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4th March 2020


There is so much information about how we all need to making changes to help the planet, but doesn’t it all feel a little overwhelming? We have been living our lives this way for a long time now, its hard to just make a load of changes overnight and expect us to stick to them all at once, right? Also, unless something is being advertised to us on Instagram, where do I find these eco companies?

This is where we had the idea of swapping one thing per month, letting us get used to this swap before taking the plunge to swapping something else. Before you know it its 2021 and you’ve made 12 swaps, 12 steps towards helping the planet. Head here to see the whole series.

We are teaming up with 12 companies to bring you the perfect solution to a swap each month, wherever possible we are supporting small businesses who are making a difference towards our planet, and we want you to support them too. For full disclosure these items have been gifted to us but I wouldn't be sharing if I wasn't using them every day.

This month we are looking at mouthwash...

Firstly lets talk plastic again, we talked about this last month but its important to keep this conversation going, only around 40% of UK household products are currently recycled. Although its widely promoted as a solution to plastic bottles, it isn't always made 100% clear that plastic bottles cannot become plastic bottles again. The residue left from personal care products means that they become contaminated, only bottles containing drinks can be recycled into other bottles. So your mouthwash bottle gets turned into something like a underground pipe. In other words, it’s not recycled, it’s ‘down-cycled’. And when this new product comes to the end of its life? It can be downcycled no further and normally ends up in landfill.

However, aluminium is a different story, recycling aluminium uses only around 5% of the energy and emissions needed to make it originally. The metal can be recycled time and time again without loss of properties, so getting the aluminium recycling habit is one of the best things we can do for the environment.​

Mouthwash bottles are another huge problem, there just isn't an option in the supermarket which isn't from a huge brand or packaged in a plastic bottle... I also absolutely hate the taste of these strong mouthwashs filled with chemicals and coloured bright blue.

So when I found Waken, I honestly did a little happy dance!



They do four flavours, peppermint, spearmint, lemonmint or aniseedmint, the latter I will be donating to Mike because I am not about that life! Using natural ingredients such as spearmint and Sicilian lemons plus other botanical extracts to work with what's already beautiful about your mouth. Its delicious flavour will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean without the burn. 


I thought I'd share one of their reviews with you, so you're not just taking me word for it:


"I'm not usually a big believer in mouthwash - I believe the claim to wiping out 99.9% of bacteria in your mouth is terrifying, as alcohol doesn't distinguish between good and bad bacteria! However when I spotted Waken spearmint, I decided to give it a go.
It's worth noting I have used other brands of mouthwash in the past but found them all way too harsh, leaving my eyes watering for quite a few minutes after use! No such thing with Waken. The product was refreshing, but wonderfully gentle at the same time, I could definitely feel the benefit of the eucalyptus oils! Then when I checked my teeth in the mirror they looked beautifully white.
It's a great plus that the packaging is eco friendly. My household has been trying to cut down on single use plastic so that's the cherry on the cake.
Couldn't recommend more!"

Plus the peppermint one just won a Beauty Shortlist award...

You can purchase these directly from Waken here, or on boots.com where it also has a heap of amazing reviews.

I'd love to know if you're replaced your mouthwash, if so what with? 

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