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What Slow Living Means to Us

7th September 2019

Slow Living:

  • The habit of embracing the seasons, finding enjoyment, warmth and gratitude in life’s simple pleasures

  • Trying to have the smallest impact on the earth within our everyday lives

  • Finding comfort in being present, making time for the people and small moments happening around us.

  • Supporting local, small and in season.

Slow living is about embracing the world around us, seeking comfort in small moments and being present. It’s a movement that has actually been around since the 1980’s when an Italian, Carlo Petrini, protested against the first McDonalds opening in Rome (now there are at least 25, loads but compared to London’s 50 plus…) Since this point it has moved into all aspects of life, not just food, although this is still a huge part of it.

Slow living is about getting back to natures natural earth cycle, the world has become a place where we can have everything and anything fast, want strawberries in December? Sure, just pop to the local 24hour supermarket where you can purchase strawberries which been forcefully grown abroad using tons of electricity, flown over and wrapped in plastic, stored in huge fridges for countless days, under bright supermarket lights for 24 hours a day, until you pick them up, only to think, these aren’t that great or be so busy you forget to eat them and throw them away… or worse, they don’t get sold before that little date someone has decided that individual strawberry can live until and they get thrown away anyway, even though they could have lived another two or three days… All the while the little corner shop selling local veg is struggling to sell his apples, pears and quinces, grown by a farmer whose family have had the orchards for generations. They have no air miles, plastic wrapping or huge electrical outlay, they are just local grown, good fruit, as nature intended it and we, as consumers, are causing these shops to have to close, they are being forced to go and work for the supermarkets who’s pockets get deeper and deeper…


This may seem like an extreme story, but it is actually happening in our everyday lives, more and more tiny local businesses are closing, more and more huge supermarkets are being built, and the only people who can stop it? Us, as consumers, we have the power, we speak with our money. This doesn’t just apply to food, this applies to every single sector, fashion, travel, cars, leisure, interiors… you name it, it is being taken over by huge corporations, the slow movement and slow living is a way to connect back with local.

But how do we actually live a slow life? The first stage is understanding how you can find enjoyment, warmth and gratitude in life’s simple pleasures. Each week we will be sharing our journey to a slower life, how we embrace each season and how you can get involved too.

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