Why I’m grateful for my simple lifestyle in a time of world crisis

30th March 2020


I have taken a few days off, Mike has been working on a few things on the house, hello new back gate and painted wardrobes, and we have both been trying to enjoy the sunshine a little more than we normally would.


Right now I appreciate my slow simple lifestyle more than ever, having the foundations in place to keep me on track has been amazing, the start of this turbulent period really has grounded me into the belief that I want to keep delving deeper into simple living and given me the tools to not only survive but actually to start to find peace.


Let me talk you though a few which I think have helped:




With just having amazon prime and Netflix we can’t always be on the TV consuming media, there is no chance of the news accidently rolling on and bringing all my anxiety back up to the surface. We have just one TV in the house and we only ever switch it on for a couple of hours on the evening. While most people are probably using the TV to help them get through, this is fine at first, but its good to slowly start to reduce the hours your spending in front of it in favour of other options.




Removing myself from the traditional standards of work has helped me more than I can explain, I will go deeper on this one in a separate post but by removing societies norms of what work looks like has helped me forge a path which I can keep to right now, I already have the systems and habits in place to work from home, this isn’t going to be possible for everyone and we aren’t in a situation where we are working as normal but, by already accepting that I don’t fit that mould, its helped me stay as normal as possible at the moment.




Each day I have a few routines, a morning routine, an evening routine, a list of non-negotiables throughout the day, these routines fit into any situation, they don’t change, whether it’s a weekend or weekday, they keep me pushing forwards. It doesn’t even matter what time they start, keeping grounded in these simple routines makes life feel more normal. Over the next few weeks I’ll share my routines, each includes gratitude, a moment to think about the things I am thankful for right now, something I urge you to add to your everyday life.




This is again based around routine, but because we now shop simpler with food, back to basics using small shops, in season and fresh most of the time, it’s made the mad world of supermarket shopping right now not really a thing, we’ve been once in this whole process, the rest of the time we have been able to shop at our normal places. These small shops we use are agile, they have adapted quickly and are delivering our food, nothing has changed, we are ordering what’s in season and we would normally get. I’ll also include the switch we made months ago to subscription bamboo toilet rolls with Who Gives A Crap here too because it’s also taken so much anxiety away.




This Spotify playlist is on repeat right now, I’m so glad I spent the time putting it together before I knew about any of this, it’s something I do each season and it’s brought so much calm. You can find my Spotify Playlist here.



I have most of my apps on mute or delivery quietly on my iPhone, so only the ones I want to deliver information to me do, this wasn’t the case for the news but recently I have switched it to deliver quietly which means I have to go and seek to read the breaking news rather than it flashing up at me several times a day and sending whatever I am doing into chaos. I have also unfollowed but not unfriended lots of people on Facebook and don’t even go on twitter at the moment...


I really hope some of these will help you to find simple ways you can help bring calm to your life at the moment. Please let me know if you'd like me to go into more detail on any of these subjects...

Thorning Street, Salcombe

Thorning Street, Salcombe

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